Terms and conditions


  1. Ordering a lesson is tantamount to acceptance of these regulations.
  2. Customer, when ordering paid lessons, accepts a monthly contract for online classes.
  3. Classes are prepaid for the whole month before the planned lesson.
  4. If the payment is not made within the prescribed period, the lector has the right to cancel classes without prior notice.
  5. Consultations are one-time activities or orders and are paid by prior arrangement with the teacher.
  6. Classes are carried out within a designated time period. Delaying from the fault of the client does not cause their extension. The lecturer who is late for lessons may propose to the client to extend the course or to make it later.
  7. The customer has the right to cancel or postpone the agreed classes after informing the teacher, at least 24 hours before the classes. Otherwise, classes are considered completed, paid for and can not be done at a later date.
  8. Classes canceled in accordance with the regulations and paid will be worked out at a later date after prior agreement with the teacher within two months from the date of the canceled lesson. After exceeding the two-month period, lessons are considered to be completed and are not refundable.
  9. Lessons are paid using the PayPal application or transfer to the school account, with a note in the name and surname.