• Flexibility, availability and convenience. We are here to help you. You want to change the date of classes there is no problem we are flexible, you need help outside of classes, we are available to you by e-mail.
  • Without commuting and additional loads, with us your time is used optimally for learning Spanish.
  • Classes will be developed based on your needs and interests. Each person needs an individual approach. There are no two students who are the same, so before the lesson, think about what you need and what you want to learn?
  • Your motivation and comfort is very important to us. Each lesson is a step forward in achieving the goal. We provide you with a pleasant atmosphere thanks to which learning will be a pleasure
  • Individual lessons by Skąpa. This type of course allows you to focus on learning and supports it. It mainly facilitates speaking training but works well in developing other skills. In order to join the Spanish language classes, Skąpą will get headphones (this is not a condition) in this way you will increase your awareness, cutting off from potential disturbances and external noises. We know from experience that students learning through Skype are relaxed and eager to work.
  • Classes are interactive and practical, this verbal feature allows you to achieve fast and satisfying results.

We offer three types of classes ?