About us

I welcome you cordially, my name is Ewelina and I am a Spanish language teacher. I graduated from the Spanish philology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I have 9 years of experience as a teacher. Previously, I organized stationary classes working with companies and language schools as a teacher and translator.

Currently, I mainly study online, I discovered that this way of learning is very effective and gives me a lot of possibilities not to mention that I can teach from anywhere on earth without wasting time on commuting and other activities related to getting to school.
In my classes I put on a friendly and friendly atmosphere in which my students develop their language skills with confidence and confidence, interested in the materials that he prepares for them. Their satisfaction and language development gives great satisfaction.

I love Spanish and the Spaniards too, which is why I hope you have read the offer and you can not wait for the first lesson, neither do I! See you later.
My name is Justyna. When I was eight months old, I came to Spain with my family. She grew up in this country but I had a very present Poland in my heart so I went to my homeland as often as I could.
I have graduated from pre-school and administration. I have experience as a teacher and translator of the Spanish language. Because all my education I did in Spain together with the gymnasium at the Polish embassy in Madrid qualifies as a Polish-Spanish nativo.
I love to share my knowledge of Spanish. He specializes in conversations and Spanish in business.